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Gerard Pastor wanted to be a music composer for movies. But one day he received a very exciting assignment: to compose the original music for the roller coaster "Furius Baco" in Port Aventura. This first big project gave the name to "Furius Music" and opened a world of possibilities beyond the cinema.


Over the years Furius Music has been composing music for movies, theme parks, shows, escape rooms, videogames, advertising or interactive books. It is a pioneer in the development of interactive music and Gerard Pastor has become one of the most relevant FMOD composition trainers in the country.


After years of projects and awards, in 2017 Furius Music took a leap in show programming and incorporated light design, show installations and comprehensive content design adding to his team, the best professionals in the country. With this, the company became just "Furius" and is currently one of the most modern entertainment Audiovisual design companies in Europe and created F-OMNI, a revolutionary software that allows us convert static music in reactive & interactive music.

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